Thursday, 13 July 2017

Music Fiesta 2K17ঃ Annual Cultural Festival of Sanchayita,

It started from the month of May that means two months ago. Everyone was so much excited and keyed up. Sanchayita was going to organize its annual program. Sanchayita is a musical institute and a socio cultural organization where I get my vocal education from my teacher Mr. Amal Mukherjee sir.

  This time the program was titled ‘Music Fiesta 2K17’ by Dipraneil Sharma, the cultural secretary of the Sancayita students’ union. The day for the festival was finalized on the weekend, 1st and 2nd of July, 2017. Every Sanchayitans were told, not to be absent as the rehearsal starts. Gradually, everything was finalized. We used to enjoy a lot in the dummy run. We used to rehears in the Tinsukia Durgabari Music college. Everyone cooperated with each other there. Our rehearsal timing was 4.00pm to 6.00pm and again 6.30 pm to 9.00pm or 9.30pm. The second section was for drama ‘Bisharjan’.

            ‘Bisharjan’ was a great achievement for Sanchayita. The play ‘Bisharjan’ was written by Rabindranath Tagore. It is a full five act drama. But it was edited numerous times by the author himself. One such edited version is a single act drama. In both the version one will not find characters like Hasi, Tata etc. But they were there in very first edition and  in the novel ‘Rajarshri’ , written by the same author Rabindranath.  He actually transformed the first part of the novel into a drama.

        After knowing all of these, our director Sri Neeldeep Chakraborty also edited the one act version a little and added Hasi, Tata, Kedareswar  again . Sri Amal Mukherjee accompanied us with the background music and Sri Khokon Das helped us with lighting arrangements.

Deep Chakraborty acted as Raghupati – a vandal Brahmin, Raktim Chakraborty as Joy Singha – who helped Raghupati and was his closest person, Nirupam Dey as Gobindmanikya – the king of Tripura, Payel Bhattacharjee as Gunabati – the queen of Tripura, Kaushik Das as Nakhatra Roy – brother of Gobindmanikya, Dipraneil Sharma as Chandpal – a minister of Gobindmainkya’s kingdom, Krishnalal Saha as Nayan Roy – a minister of Gobindamanikya’s kingdom, Ashmita Majumdar as
Aparna – a poor lady and beloved of Joy Singha,  Poushali Kar as Hashi – an unfortunate girl, Ahitagni Chakraborty as Tata– Hashi’s little brother, Kishor Bhattacharjee as Kedareshwar – Hashi’s maternal uncle, Rajat Sarkar as a soilder and a friend (Kanu) , Manjit Paul too did the role of a soilder and a friend (Haru) , Subham Ray as Akrur – a friend, Rakesh Chaudhury as Ganesh – a friend.

At the very beginning of the drama, a dance was prepared and was added  by the director Neeldeep Chakrabarty; so that audience get an impression about the whole drama. Bijoya Das, Pallabi Bhattacharjee, Raktim Chakraborty, Rajat Sarkar, Sumita Das, Ashmita Majumdar and Ahitagni Chakraborty performed in that dance.

All of us did a lot of hard work, believed and supported each other, spread happiness together and made it a great success. The drama was played on 1st July. ‘Bisharjan’  was a great challenge for us. There was moments too when we thought we couldn’t do it and the play can’t take it's silhouette. But after a plenty of hard work, rehearsal, cooperation, concentration and coordination; finally we did it. It was a great triumph for all of us, which we’ll  cherish throughout our years.

            The second day was a bit more stimulating. It was the day, when every Sanchayitan danced, sung, took the pleasure a lot.  Our special guest for the day was Abhigyan Das (the winner of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa reality show) and his brother Samantan Das. The program started at 3.00pm with Sanchayita’s ‘Happy Hours’. Happy Hour is a one hour session were all Sanchayitans sing songs of their own choice, dance and do lot of fanatical things. As this session concluded we continued with the parents’ felicitation ceremony. By this the second day of the grand juncture of Music Fiesta 2k17 started. The opening song was our school anthem “Gaa sath mil kar gaa” and student's guardian chorus.  Short quizzes were held just to keep the spectators occupied. Kids group of Sanchayita performed a Mime- the theatrical technique of suggesting action, character, or emotion without words, using only gesture, expression, and movement.

 Qawali was the special attraction and the inimitable performance ever performed in Tinsukia by the senior students of Sanchayita. Ladies’ Band was another attraction. Ladies’ Band was carried out by 12 girls of Sanchayita, I was among those 12 girls, I played Handsonic. At last, Abhigyan and Samntan took their time and sang several songs.
 The full glory and aknoledgement goes to the members of Students' Union of Sanchiyita. The members are Nirupam Dey, Shubham Ray, Dipraneil Sharma, Rajat Sarkar, Sushmita Bhattacharjee, Pallabi Bhattacharjee and Rakesh Chaudhury. Just because of there  hearty hard work the fiesta could successfully happen.  Everything went perfect just as we thought, everyone was so much happy and just like this Music Fiesta 2K17 ended and everyone started to hang
on for the next event on 2018.😊😊
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Now Listen a Song I Sang on the Second day, the The Musical 'Dhun' we all Girls' Band played. 

Monday, 13 March 2017

They are known as best friends… :)

“A friend in need is a friend in deed”, we all heard this proverb, right? No friends, then no life. Friends are the stupid, sweet, intellectual, good people. They will be by your side always and never let you be alone. Friends can be defined as the person you know well and like. It doesn’t matter how much you know the person, it depends how much you are close to that person and you should love and care for that person, throughout your lifetime. That is friendship what actually means. But always remember one thing “fake friends are rumor, true friends are real”. Maybe you’ll understand something by this line.

As I got a life, so I must have friends. I have so many friends, which are need to be counted. Some are crazy, some are serious, and some are dolt, some are studious. Out of this whole group of friends, only some friends that I have, whom I’m close with. They are my best friends. My best friends can understand me so well. My friends are the best of all. I have faith on them and I also hope they’ll not leave me unaccompanied. I got five best friends. I share crazy and passionate things with three of them and share important and serious things with the rest. Those people are the sweetest people of my life. They always help me. They always stay by my side. They have faith on me and I’ll never let their faith break into pieces. Me and my friends always keep witty names of our school teachers and keep making fun off. Not only teachers even the principal of our school.😂😂 Haa... that’s common in every school and college, even my parents used to keep names for their respective teachers. 😅

                  BFFs will never appreciate you or say good things about you, in front of you. But they keep telling all the good deeds of yours, everybody. BFFs know how to make you happy and never let a tear drop on your cheeks. They are the best. BFF means Best Friends Forever. They keep sending in the love always. Anyways, it’ll take my whole life to tell about the stupidity of my best friends, because they are so much good, they are the best. I can never forget them whole my life time.