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You don’t know me

You see that I fly high with colors in the sky, You see that I have astonishing dreams in my life But you don’t know me.
You would know me if … 
You knew how hard it was to hold in my irritation, You knew how I feel sometimes that life has no juxtaposition You knew how my spectacle circumference became a photo frame You knew if yours was the same…
You see that I’m sloppy You see that I’m still happy But you don’t know me
You would know me if … 
You knew how I express myself through ability, You knew how I brought up my life to infinity, You knew how I never regret and never feel shame You knew if yours was the same…

Ganpati Bappa Morya and Social Concern

Tinsukia is on its peak mood to celebrate Ganesh Chathurti this year. Everyone is in a big chaos and not even know what's going round in the world. Believing in the only moto"ভগবানের লীলা, তিনি সবার রক্ষা করবে" and shouting at the top of their lungs, disturbing each and every corner of every colony. No, now what you think, गणपति बप्पा जागकर तुम्हारे पास आएंगे? This never happened and will never happen in world history. I don't mean that celebrating any kind of religious festival is bad or perturbing or should not be done, but their should be discipline, devotional feeling in all aspect. Specially hindu religious festives are celebrated in violent ways (violence here doesn't mean harming anyone by physical force). Bappa ain't gonna bless anyone who just mean to shout 'Ganpati Bappa morya' and put whatsapp status for a day and wait till the day of visarjan and emerge Bappa in a clean river.  A heart with pure devotion will always think ab…


When I was a LITTLE, I ran away from monsters under my bed,
I was afraid of being left alone in a mess.
At the time, I ran towards my favorite hiding place in the arms of my mom,
I dreamed about a superwoman’s home

When I got a LITTLE OLDER, I ran away from the torment.
I expected that I’d have to fight to save myself
At the time, I ran towards my dad,
I hoped for a mystified glad.

TODAY when I run, I run away from the bad influence, 
I wish I could run from my past effluence, 
TODAY when I run, I run towards my imagination,
I aspire life for a juxtaposition.

                                               -Poushali Kar

A letter to ঠাম্মা।

আমরা যতোটা জীবনে এগোতে থাকি, ততটা জীবন পুরো আলাদা আর অজানা হতে থাকে। আমরা কখনোই বুঝেতে পারবোনা যে সময় কখন পার হয়ে গেল, আর কখন জীবন শেষ হতে চল্লো। আমি মাঝে মধ্যে মা কেও জিগেস করতে থাকি "মা, আমি বড় কবে হলাম?" বাবাও মাঝে মধ্যে আমার ছোট বেলার গল্প করে, আমার সাথে। আমার নিজেরই ছোট বেলার কথা মনে পড়তে থাকে, ভাবি যে সেই গুলো দিন কত মজার ছিল। কত খেলা-দুলা, হাসা-হাসি, নাচা-নাচি। সেই গুলো দিনের বেপারই অন্য ছিল। হ্যাঁ! একটা কথা খুবই সত্যি, আমি বড় হয়েছি আমার পুরো পরিবার থেকে বঞ্চিত হয়ে। আমি এখনো আমার পুরো পরিবার কে ভালো ভাবে চিনে উঠতে পারিনি। এইটা খুবই দুঃখের বিষয়! আমি বড় হয়েছি আমার বন্ধুদের সাথে, পাড়া-প্রতিবেশী দের কোলে-পিঠে। কখনো নিজেকে একা মনে হয় নি। কখনো না! জানো ঠাম্মা, আমি এইখানে অনেক গুলো ভাই-বোন কে পেয়েছি। আর আমি একজন কে আমার দাদাও বানিয়েছি। আমি ঐ দাদা কে 'ভাইয়ু' বলে ডাকি। এই বছর ভাই ফোটার দিন আমি ওকে ভাই ফোটাও দিয়েছি। এই বছর আমি জীবনে প্রথম বার ভাই ফোটা পালন করেছিলাম। ভাইয়ু আমাকে একদম নিজের বনু বলে মনে করে। জানো ঠাম্মা, এই বছর আমি অনেক নুতুন মানুষ কে পেয়েছি আর অনেক মানুষ …

A girl with the scars

I am the happy one, who likes to tell jokes
I am the hyper, passionate one, who might be a paradox
I am the defiant one, who would never regret
I am the one with the scars and their secrets.

I am the messed up one, who knows life has curls
I am the feeble one, who can’t change the world
I am the hurt one, but much more hurt on the inside.
I am the one with the scars, and their moon’s dark side

I am the strong one, who is determined to do anything
I am the dreamer, who imagines a different life, imagines a time when comes and clings
I am the candid one, who remembers the world is not like then
I am the one with the scars, but they are not me
And one day their denotation will be free
                                                                                                -Poushali Kar

Happy Independence Day

India completed it's 72 years of independence. A day to bragger patriotism, a day when everyone feels unsecured, coming out of their homes, a day when those homies stand on the streets to sell flags, which should not be done (According to The Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986)... But did anyone thought about those people who are itinerant and malnourished? Did anyone bothered about what's happening in India actually? Many people committed suicide this year and we know the reason why... Asifa got raped in a 'TEMPLE' for continue 4 days and we just changed our whatsapp DPs to protest! Okay, nowadays India is on a trend to respect the soldiers and make them feel special so much. Yes this should be done, but we should also think about their facilities and conditions of settlements as well. I guess many of us watched the viral video of Gurmehar Kaur. Her father is a martyr in the Kargil war. I won't say about the video. But that spots a big question in it. So now we …