Monday, 13 March 2017

They are known as best friends… :)

“A friend in need is a friend in deed”, we all heard this proverb, right? No friends, then no life. Friends are the stupid, sweet, intellectual, good people. They will be by your side always and never let you be alone. Friends can be defined as the person you know well and like. It doesn’t matter how much you know the person, it depends how much you are close to that person and you should love and care for that person, throughout your lifetime. That is friendship what actually means. But always remember one thing “fake friends are rumor, true friends are real”. Maybe you’ll understand something by this line.

As I got a life, so I must have friends. I have so many friends, which are need to be counted. Some are crazy, some are serious, and some are dolt, some are studious. Out of this whole group of friends, only some friends that I have, whom I’m close with. They are my best friends. My best friends can understand me so well. My friends are the best of all. I have faith on them and I also hope they’ll not leave me unaccompanied. I got five best friends. I share crazy and passionate things with three of them and share important and serious things with the rest. Those people are the sweetest people of my life. They always help me. They always stay by my side. They have faith on me and I’ll never let their faith break into pieces. Me and my friends always keep witty names of our school teachers and keep making fun off. Not only teachers even the principal of our school.😂😂 Haa... that’s common in every school and college, even my parents used to keep names for their respective teachers. 😅

                  BFFs will never appreciate you or say good things about you, in front of you. But they keep telling all the good deeds of yours, everybody. BFFs know how to make you happy and never let a tear drop on your cheeks. They are the best. BFF means Best Friends Forever. They keep sending in the love always. Anyways, it’ll take my whole life to tell about the stupidity of my best friends, because they are so much good, they are the best. I can never forget them whole my life time.

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